2021 State Career Development Conference (CDC)

This year’s event will be a new re-imagined event taking place Virtually using a platform where students, Advisors, Proctors and Judges will log in remotely from virtually anywhere to participate. We will be hosting the event live using Cisco’s Webex meeting tool on Thursday, February 4, 2021. Students will be presenting in front of judges using Webex in a Judge Breakout room during their event. We are taking the traditional in-Person event and flipping it to an online format. We hope to have your support and judge for us this year!

SAMPLE VIDEOS: Competitive Events Overview Video (national experience and in-person event)

This video provides an overview of DECA’s competitive events program in action at a recent International Career Development Conference. You will see members preparing for events, see the judging booths, and hear from judges and members about their experiences.

Sample Role-Play Video

This sample scenario is used in the above role-play. In the role-play events, participants are given a written scenario to review and develop a solution to present to you as the judge in a role-play situation.

Sample Written Event Presentation Video


Click on the event below to see sample event packets for DECA’s competitive events.