Flags at DSUFall Leadership Conference

October 19, 2021

The Fall Leadership Conference is a great time for chapter officers to interact with each other and the state offices. This conference will focus on leadership development and college and career exploration through a variety of engaging workshops and speakers. Talk to your advisor and register early if you are interested in attending as space is limited. 


DECA State Career Development Conference

February 9, 2022

Dover, Delaware

It’s time for the competitive event’s conference once again! This conference provides a venue for DECA’s competitive event program as well as additional career and leadership programs. Chartered associations host their own CDCs to determine which members earn the right to represent them at the International CDC.

 ICDC 2022 – For More Info Click Here

April 23-26, 2022  in Atlanta, GA!  Check out ICDC Information

Chapter advisors will register their members with their chartered association (state/provincial) advisor.

Registration for chartered associations will open on February 15 and will close on March 19. Chapter members and chapters cannot register directly with DECA Inc.


  • April 23-26, 2022 | Atlanta, Georgia
  • April 22-25, 2023 | Orlando, Florida
  • April 27-30, 2024 | Anaheim, California
  • April 26-29, 2025 | Orlando, Florida
  • April 25-28, 2026 | Atlanta, Georgia
  • April 17-20, 2027 | Anaheim, California
  • April 22-25, 2028 | Orlando, Florida