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Workshop Session Descriptions

Finance Leadership for Students Session:
Financial Leadership for Students will introduce your audience to their FIST© financial habits and success strategies. We will cover budgeting and savings in an interactive way.
10-10:30 AM
The Financial Edge Session:
The Financial Edge will help students learn about their Financial Personality Profile and how they can use it to their advantage. It also addresses goals, budgeting, saving and the power of compound interest in a fun and motivating way. It lays a foundation for the students’ financial success.
11-11:30 AM
Tentative! Postcard Connect Project:
Find about a great way to host a chapter project! WHAT IS POSTCARD CONNECT? Postcard Connect is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting people around the world via postcards!  We mail the cards out to Veterans, deployed military, children’s hospitals, people who have written a card in the past, and anyone else who wants to get one!
11 AM to 12 Noon
How to Ace the Interview Session
The key to a successful interview is preparation and practice.  Students will learn how to prepare a “tell me about yourself” profile and review the most commonly asked interview questions.
12:30 PM to 1:15 PM
Dress for Success Session
Join this session to find out all the tips and tricks to having a Successful Interview! You will walk away with a tips on  Do’s and Don’ts!  Plus a coupon for a special offer on 
2 PM to 3 PM

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